Iconic Jogger - Navy

  • You're going places. We know that. Thats why we created a stylish, luxurious jogger for the man on the go. Featuring front zip pockets to stow your things, and ultra soft tri-blend terry fabric. 

  • Features:
    • Front Zip pockets for your keys and wallet
    • Extra Soft and light weight fabric is stretchy and allows for unlimited movement
    • Flat, chafe free seams
    • Made with Tri-Blend Terry.

    Designed for: On The Go


City Slicker

You move through the city. Gliding between the crowds, meandering through the subway. You know these streets so well and could walk this route with your eyes closed. On your way to meet your friends, the sun is shining and everything is perfect. Except for one thing. Your denim jeans are just so damn uncomfortable. They rub, they chafe, they irritate. And although the sun is shining, it’s not quite warm enough for shorts. But you know there has to be another option…

Luxe Legwear

There is. We created the Iconic Jogger to solve the issue of uncomfortable legwear, but ensuring style is still at the forefront. Designed for the busy man on the go, these stylish and luxurious joggers are just as perfect for weekends in the city with friends as they are winding down on a Sunday afternoon. And whether you’re after a timeless shade such as navy and asphalt grey, or a vibrant hue such as Oxblood red and French blue, the Iconic Jogger has got you covered.


Featuring front zip pockets to stow your essentials, we kept both style and practicality in mind as we designed the Iconic Jogger. With its ultra-soft tri-blend terry fabric that is as comfy as it is luxurious, you’ll love slipping into these on-trend joggers as you kick back on the weekend. Stretchy and lightweight, the fabric allows for unlimited movement – perfect for active men on the go. And finally, with flat and chafe-free seams, you really can say goodbye to uncomfortable legwear with the luxe Iconic Jogger.

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