Ambassador Program

Strongbody Apparels Ambassador Program

SBA is a global team of fitness warriors, elite and professional athletes, and personal trainers who spread the word about the benefits of Strongbody Apparel. They are social media and promotional gurus who leverage their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook networks to generate awareness, excitement, and sales.

As a member of the Strongbody team, you receive a suite of great benefits, including:

  • 50% discount through our online website on all product
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Ability to take part in international advertising campaigns
  • Sponsorship for competitive sporting events


  • Test and reveiw products
  • Agreement that the photos provided by yourself, may be used on the Strongbody website and social media.
  • Strongbody may contact you and request that you take part in the following activities: Photo shoot, Filming, Media, Events

 Do you have what it takes to join SBA? We’re looking for team members who are: Personal trainers, amateur/professional athletes, and/or someone who leads an active style and embodies the Strongbody brand and ethos.

Active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and/or YouTube with a following or network exceeding 5,000 people collectively?

If you meet the requirements, reach out to us at