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Inspired by the exceptional men and women who seek to explore and understand the universe, we created the Apollo Collection: our vision of the modern astronaut and turning lifelong dreams into reality. A collection engineered to support you as you tackle and achieve your goals - whether they’re here on Earth, or out in the starts.
Half a century ago, the first of mankind entered space. Driven my passion, courage and curiosity, these individuals succeeded at what humans have only dreamed of: becoming an astronaut, defying the odds, and (literally) shooting for the stars. The Apollo collection is inspired by these remarkable people: the 564 individuals who shot for the start the scientists, engineers, dreamers and doers who chased their aspirations into the universe.
These individuals working in space exploration are creating the future. They are transforming childhood awe into creativity. Bridging the gap between science and possibility through innovation.
Peggy Whitson
Photo: Peggy Whitson: American Astronaut, great female force.
Credit: Instagram

"Try and live beyond your dreams by pushing yourself, challenging yourself..."    

-Astronaut Peggy Whitson




Mankind has always sought to create feats of engineering; structures and concepts that are bigger than one person or society, that capture the curiosity and taste for exploration that are so vital to the human spirit. We are now living in the age that has the highest potential for invention, innovation, and possibility.
We are in the midst of a space race, one that will democratize space travel. Children who watched rockets launch and astronauts float around the space station are now the people creating new technology and businesses that will make space flights a possibility for everyone. This truly makes us really that anything is possible, no matter how big the dream.  


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"As I looked back at our earth from the orbital perspective, I saw a world where natural and man-made boundaries shrunk. I saw a world becoming more and more interconnected and collaborative, a whole where the exponential increase in technology was making the impossible possible on a daily basis..." - Ron Garan

Nasa, Gulf of MexioPhoto: NASA (@nasa) - Gulf of Mexico, United States

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