Ethical Manufacturing

Vancouver, Canada

We design and manufacture our gear in Vancouver. It's just another way we are practicing what we preach and choosing to be better. By manufacturing locally we are able to ensure ethical working conditions, keep a close eye on quality, and support our local economy.  At Strongbody we  believe that consumers want to wear products that they can feel  good about, and so we are committed to educating our customers about where their clothing is coming from.

Manufacturing is a critical component of the Canadian economy, however it is rare in the apparel industry for brands to keep their manufacturing local. Since the year 2000, the manufacturing sector in Canada has declined significantly in response to changes in the global economy and fewer regulatory controls over Canadian products. 

Canada has a small, but talented pool of sewers and the craftsmanship of goods is at the highest level. However, if there is not a demand for Canadian-made apparel, we are unable to keep the Canadian manufactures busy and operating. With the sewers not having enough work, they are forced to find employment elsewhere. Some of these workers will never return to their specialty craft, which is why talent is disappearing. The apparel workforce is aging (the median age at our factories is 50) and very little knowledge is being transferred to younger generations. We need to educate and recruit more individuals who have a passion for sewing before it is too late. 

We work closely with experts in the fashion/apparel community in Vancouver, and we support pattern makers, fabric vendors, and many other small businesses in Canada. We visit our manufactures regularly and unannounced. Our factories adhere to the stringent employment standards of Canada, and so we rest assured that our sewers are treated with respect and paid fairly. 

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