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Real Men Real Style - "I prefer these running shorts to my swimming trunks because I like how they fit me in the legs."
Man of Many - "This is the future of gym clothing. Be the leader of the revolution."
CNBC - "Its performance is unbeatable and the fabric keeps its original feel and drape"
Bloomberg - "Gym clothes that don't stink, thanks to crab and shrimp shells"
The Daily Mail - "Fishy business: Strongbody Apparel garments are treated with nanotechnology made from crab and shrimp shells which prevents odor, fading, pulls and wrinkles"

Tech Vibes - "Strongbody Apparel  wants to be seen in a different light from those over-branded, neon coloured activewear seen on the racks of department stores. It doesn’t want to be another “knock-off” product."

Global news - "It’s always been the most unpleasant side effect of staying in shape: those workout clothes that end up smelling like a locker room. A local company says it’s solved that problem with its new line of active wear."
Vancity Buzz - "With every product purchased, Strongbody Apparel donates to the World Food Program. Now this is what we call feeling good and doing good!"
The Manual - "That said, there’s a great deal to love about StrongBody Apparel and the company’s work ethos."
Notable - "Strongbody Apparel offers a new take on activewear"
Healthy Magazine - "Strongbody Apparel has become well known for outdoor active wear made from shells of crustaceans."
First we feast - "A fiver made from crustaceans can block bacteria growth in your workout gear."
The Vancouver Sun - "Even though we are small now, the positive impact we can make will grow with us which is very exciting."
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