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Performance Technology - Strongbody Apparel

SBA Elite with NanoElite+


Harnessed from the shells of crustaceans, our NanoElite+ Performance Technology is certified by the EPA to be eco-friendly and human-friendly. It kills odor causing bacteria, wicks moisture and helps your gear dry quickly. With UPF 50 sun protection it's the holy grail of performance tech. To top it all off your Strongbody gear will look like new longer - it also resists pilling, wrinkling and fading.



Our Elite fabrics are perfect for high intensity workouts. Soft, stretchy, and lightweight this fabric was made for performance. Our NanoElite+ treatment will keep you smelling fresh with its odor resistant and wicking properties. Your gear will also look new longer as our Elite fabric is made to resist fading, pilling and wrinkling.


Our extreme fabric is a home run. The perfect weight for men’s garments, SBA Extreme provides enough comfort and breathability without being too lightweight or revealing. Treated with NanoElite+ this fabric is anti-bacterial, odor resistant, pilling resistant, fast drying, wicking, and has UPF protection. Ps. Its also wrinkle free so don’t worry about leaving your gear in the bottom of your gym bag!


This high performance fabric is soft, stretchy, and hard working. Shea fabric absorbs sweat from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric within 1 second, resulting in a breathable and moisture wicking garment. The Shea fabric also features UPF protection and superior comfort.


This fabric is thicker than its counterparts and has a matte finish, which results in a super smooth silhouette. A high count Polyester/Spandex blend makes this fabric breathable and prevents it from absorbing moisture. Polyester is hydrophobic which means that it won’t absorb your sweat and is quick drying. It also means that when the fabric is dyed it is permanent so it will not fade or transfer!


Our Mesh is used in our innovative and fashion forward pieces. Merging fashion and function, our mesh is lightweight and breathable, and features different colours and textures. Our mesh has a high spandex content, which means it keeps its shape over time and keeps you looking good!


Flatlock Stitching

All of our garments use this flat, chafe resistant stitching. The fabrics are sewn side by side, with no overlap to reduce the amount of material and friction against the skin.