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Choose To Be Better

We make better clothing that performs to the standards our customer-athletes demand. We practice better business that benefits our local community and beyond.


This is the guiding principle of Strongbody Apparel and influences everything we do -- from ethically manufacturing our high-quality, cutting-edge garments in our hometown of Vancouver to launching our “Buy One, Feed One”program which feeds a child in need for every Strongbody product sold.

You run. Lift. Practice yoga. Train in CrossFit. You expect more from your body. Shouldn’t you expect more from the clothes you wear on your body?

#ChooseToBeBetter. Choose Strongbody.


Choose - To - Be - Better
Verb / ChOOz - too - be - better/

1. The conscious decision to improve or surpass ones goals; to dig deep and push beyond your comfort zone.
2. The practice of inciting socially responsible business decisions that disrupt the status quo and impact change.
3. The commitment to creating and producing hi-tech, premium quality activewear, and never settling for anything less.