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May 20, 2015

So it was a long time coming but we finally have updated our site!  We are no longer carrying our womenswear online, and will only be made available to select distributors for now.  

Our decision to focus solely on men for our online component was a difficult one to make, but it too was a long time coming.  We are really doing something unique for guys as there's not a lot of fashionable fitness brands that also focus on the technology and performance side of things. By focusing on menswear only we are going to be able to do more things, even better. And that's what we are all about.  

We couldn't be more excited for what the future holds! We are designing a ton of new gear, have started this blog so we can keep you updated on whats going with us, and share lots of other good stuff. 

If you have any more ideas for what you would like to see from us drop us a line (

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