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June 26, 2018

When you think of an office, you might think of some whiteboards, cubicles, and a small kitchen where morning coffee is brewed. This is the unfortunate case for almost every office around the world.

But not the following 5 stylish offices.

These offices take the usual workplace and elevate it to a point beyond work – where it becomes a visual meal. Whether it has murals, floor-to-ceiling windows, or eccentric decorations, these companies have made their organizations a place to thrive in.

Five of the Most Stylish Offices in the World

Google, New York, NY, USA

Google has found its new home in the heart of Chelsea, New York. As big as the city is, the Google office still might be the prettiest place on the island. Consider this office an homage to the areas and eras of New York City. Featuring hallways paved in subway tiles and graffiti murals, this office has everything, including a  meeting room meant to replicate a small, vintage New York City apartment.

To make things better, Google offers free food to their employees and they are able bring their dogs to work-–what more could you want from an office space?!


Innovation Lab at Royal Caribbean, Miami, FL, USA

The Port of Miami welcomed its Innovation Lab in 2016 and it has only improved in the past few years. Beyond aesthetically pleasing, with cheerfully-colored furniture, bean bags, and hanging chairs, the Innovation lab is also designed practically as a facility to test ship designs. As well as collavorative work spaces intended to bring together creativity and technology, the Innovation Lab features 'the cave' – a virtual reality room where engineers and architects can take a walk around a new design before it's even built.


Modern architecture building facade

Yelp, London, England, USA 

Step into Yelp headquarters in London and the first thing you will notice is how relaxed it all is. You might even forget that it is a billion dollar company. Striving to be friendly and urban, Yelp has music playing throughout the office, as well as a ping pong table and a huge open kitchen.

Need some space? There’s two open-plan workspaces to spread out in.

Mercedes Benz, Atlanta, GA, USA

To say that Mercedes Benz has thought of it all is an understatement. Their office features an in-house coffee bar, a restaurant-quality café, and a fitness center with trainers and on-site daycare. It’s made entirely of glass so that employees can enjoy natural daylight, and is never overcrowded, as every worker has their own individual workstation.

Beyond all this, the office is environmentally friendly. The office has a water reduction policy that uses grey water for drip irrigation, and extra food is distributed to Second Helpings Atlanta Inc. to go to those in need. Mercedes Benz even allows its employees to have flex scheduling to reduce traffic impact.

In a time where people want to work and help the community, the Mercedes Benz building isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also positively impactful.

Instagram, New York, NY, USA 

It’s a no-brainer that the headquarters for Instagram, the social media platform, is absolutely photogenic. It would be weird if it wasn’t. They have a giant colorful dome that you can both work in and get an incredible snapshot. The office also features a massive living wall and a filming studio for Insta videos.

When employees aren’t working, they can enjoy their time at 'The Frozen Palm', a fruit and gelato bar. They have drinks in coconuts for crying out loud! Some of them are even named after Instagram filters. How meta.


Which office would you like to work in? Let us know in the comments!

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