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April 19, 2018

Bring out the dancing shoes, your dog, and some hammocks for the newest forms of fitness class that are revolutionizing the way people work out. These fads might be phases or have enough impact to stick around – it’s up to you to decide. Are you ready to be a part of the future of fitness classes?

Air Yoga Class

Aerial Yoga

Imagine yoga, but a few feet in the air and suspended with a hammock. Talk about working on your flexibility! Aerial Yoga combines the health benefits of yoga with a twist: you sit on a fabric hammock and perform different stretches and poses in the air. If you really want a challenge, those that are more skilled can try posing upside down and using the hammock to grab onto your thigh or ankle to perform other poses. While it may sound daunting, you’re only suspended about three feet into the air, so don’t worry about getting hurt. When you’re done with a class, you’ll feel more toned and you’ll trust yourself more than you thought you could. Yes! Your body really can hold you up in ways you never thought possible.

Location: AntiGravity Fitness has locations all over the world, so if you’re ever traveling, you can still get your work out in. 

Cost: One class - $20-25, Membership pass - $70 - 130

Worth it: If you like yoga and you want to try something new, Aerial Yoga is worth it. You have your instructor helping you out, you’ll be in a group setting, and you can always get a great picture out of it once you’ve mastered a new pose.

A morning Rave Workout

Morning Rave

Not a morning person? You just might after one of Daybreaker’s Morning Raves. It sounds ludicrous but, even GQ admitted it was “an awesome start to your day.” Don’t go if you’re trying to get drunk, continue partying from the night before, or if you’re in a bad mood. It might start early but the amount of excitement and fun in the room will take it all away.

It starts extra early in the morning at 6 a.m. with a yoga session even before the sun goes up. After about an hour of yoga, the two-hour party session begins. Dance your heart out as a DJ plays your favorite songs and don’t worry, no one is judging you if you can’t dance. Every event also features a live performance by local poets, musicians and dancers so even before 9 a.m. There isn’t any alcohol, but there is free coffee, juice and breakfast food included in your ticket. Get ready to have the best morning of your life.

Location: Daybreaker’s morning raves don’t happen every day. The group tours the world, offering morning raves city by city. Find yours here.

Cost:$15 – 30

Worth it: Since morning raves don’t happen every day, take advantage when Daybreakers do come to your city. When else can you have a party this wild at 6 a.m.?

 A girl and dog doing yoga


For those who loves to spend every minute with their best friend and still get a good workout in, Doga is the answer for you. Bring your dog and practice yoga, or Doga, together! Get all the usual benefits of yoga, such as improving your posture and sleeping soundly, but with your pup. Even they’ll enjoy increasing their blood circulation and bonding with their favorite human.

Classes can go one of two ways. Either the human helps the dog perform yoga or the humans perform their own yoga and all the dogs socialize on their own. I mean what else can beat having an amazing work out and still getting to see your pup spending time with you.

Location:Doga is not offered everywhere, but certain cities do have studios dedicated to dog yoga. You can visit Naples, California, or even your local Petco.

Cost: Each studio has its own pricing.

Worth it: If working out with your dog seems like a unique experience that you MUST do, why not!

 A Hula Fitness Class with Hula Hoop


Ready to be five years old again? Hulafit combines the fun of using a hula hoop with an actual workout class, so don’t be afraid if you find yourself having a blast and feeling a little nostalgic. It’s not only a great way to tone your core but it also improves your balance and posture. The class incorporates jogging, jumping and squatting as well as using the hula hoop on other parts of your body. Don’t think it’s all about the hips, even your hands and feet get in on the workout!

Location: London, England

Cost: Each class costs £7.00

Worth it: If you need to shake up your work out with something as strange and enticing as hula hooping, sign up.

Kangoo Jumps

Imagine buying Moon Shoes, but an upgraded version that’s not just to play with as a kid from the nineties. Kangoo Jumps will seriously amp up your workout from a simple jog to a whole other experience. The shoes have springs on the bottom that reduce the impact on your knees when you’re working out; no matter what you’re working out, you can do so without having to worry about injuring yourself. It has been named as the best workout for your Lymphatic system by NASA – which means they’re a big deal.

Location: Order them online here.

Cost: $200+

Worth it:Although you might look silly wearing them, Kangoo Jumps do enhance your work out and knowing that your knees won’t be so impacted by a simple run makes them worth it.

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