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June 11, 2018

Lifestyle Blogs are like windows to the internet’s soul: they bring you into someone else’s life and you may even learn a thing or two for yourself. For men, lifestyle blogs can be a way to learn how to eat correctly at the dinner table, how to use body language to your advantage or how to build and create things. They can feature content about lifestyle, fashion, gear, fitness, finance, grooming and much more.

15 Mens Lifestyle Blogs That You Need to Read

For the Gentleman

Real Men Real Style

Some guys go out looking like they got dressed with their eyes closed – you can tell that they've never read Real Mean Real Style. The website dedicates itself to providing men with the tools they need to look and feel their best. Founder Antonio created not only blog posts, but courses, mobile apps, podcasts and even videos to help men find their own personal style. His goal is to help men become better versions of themselves through fashion.

Primer Magazine

In case real-life hasn’t been enough, Primer Magazine is a guy’s guide to “growing up” like a true gentleman. With everything from inspirational quotes to guides on renting a tuxedo, Primer Magazine covers a huge range of topics. It’s the one place on the internet you can find the answers you need to questions you might not want to ask out loud.

Effortless Gent

Having been mentioned in many publications, such as Playboy and Bustle, Effortless Gent is just as the name suggests – a guide for men to become gentlemen, effortlessly. They offer not only a starter kit to help men get their fashion sense in order, but also have regular styling tips for achieving specialized looks like ‘business attire’ or 'smart casual'.


Man wearing a watch and holding coffee

Masculine Style

The goal for Masculine Style is easy--founder Tanner Guzy just wants to help you dress better. He begins by getting his readers to take a quiz to figure out which category suits them best: Rugged, Refined, Rakish, or a combination of all three. To Guzy, Masculine Style is not just about the shirt you’re wearing, but the philosophy behind why you wore it who you are as a person.

If all of the great content on the blog isn't enough, you can even schedule an appointment with Guzy to help figure our your unique style. 

A Little Bit of Everything

The Robb Report

Consider The Robb Report to be the complete guide to everything luxurious in life. From cars to aviation, travel to foo, The Robb Report is a journal about living life to the fullest. Whether you like reading your content on paper or a tablet, the writers at the Robb Report have enough material to keep you entertained for months.

Cool Material

Covering all the “stuff guys want”, Cool Material has articles on topics ranging from  'how to cure that Sunday Hangover' to the 'shorts you need for this summer'. With daily updates about current sales, self improvement, and the latest in technology, you'll never have to worry about missing out on the latest Cool Material.

The Distilled Man

Ever wondered what all those forks at the dinner table are for? Need to brush up on how to properly make small talk? The Distilled Man has tips and videos ready for anyone to learn how to be a better man. If you prefer listening to reading, there is even a podcast to keep you entertained. Come here for everything you need to know to become a better man.

Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting is more than just a cool website to surf some articles; it’s an award-winning publication that has the latest information on design, technology, style, travel, art and culture. Don’t let the name fool you--the only thing users are hunting for is the latest in design, culture and technology. From pink flamingoes to Kanye West, Cool Hunting is, you guessed it, pretty cool.  

Drawer with sunglasses and other ephemera


Gear Patrol

For all your technology and clothing needs, Gear Patrol needs to be in your bookmarks. Featuring long-form articles, as well as up-to-date information about the latest gear, Gear Patrol has lists of the coolest gear for any adventure you can imagine. Looking for a good deal? Gear Patrol also has deals of the week to help you find the best of the best.

DIY Pete

What started as a simple guy building projects in his garage with a camera has become a website featured in multiple outlets such as The Art of Manliness and NBC News. DIY Pete is a place for both the amateur and expert builder to try new projects and skills. In addition to his fantastic articles and videos, DIY Pete also has a list of tools and resources to make any project easier.



Think of Mantelligence as the Cosmopolitan for men. It has everything from an advice column to articles about how to impress a girl or how to use body language to get that second date. Read a few articles about friendships or dating and you’ll find yourself gaining a bit of Mantelligence.

Suit hanging on wall

Fitness & Nutrition

Mark’s Daily Apple

Founder Mark Sisson has created more than a website, he has created a community. On his site you can learn to bake bacon and cheddar keto muffins, read about all aspects of the Primal Diet, and see what foods actually help your brain work better. With endless articles about staying fit and healthy, you’ll be sure to find inspiration to transform yourself.

Thug Kitchen

If Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg had blog, it’d be Thug Kitchen. Not only visually appealing, the blog is full of great recipes that anyone can follow. While some of the recipes are not particularly healthy, sometimes you need a little variety in your diet. If you prefer to hear your crass recipes on-the-go, Thug Kitchen also has a podcast.


Money Crashers

Featured in ABC, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal, Money Crashers isn’t a 'get rich quick' kind of blog. Instead, it gives tips on the latest in finance, including the banking industry and tips on saving money and cutting spending. Money Crashers helps individuals take care of their wallets in an approachable and do-able manner. With easy to read articles and very little jargon, you'll have your finances in order in no time.

20 Something Finance

Full of all sorts of tidbits of information that you never knew you needed, this blog is a must read. There is an emphasis on being environmentally friendly while saving money – an unique perspective on financial security. It also includes honest testimonials of products so you don’t have to lay out the cash to try things that don't work. 

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