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June 12, 2015


Here’s a handy smoothie recipe that tasted great to start the day;

Berry Banana Smoothie:

1 cup frozen strawberry / blueberry mix

1 medium ripe banana

1 package Sunrise Peach Mango Dessert Tofu

1 cup orange juice

Place everything in the blender, I found it easier to put the put the items in the jar in the order listed above. Blend until desired smoothness reached. Grind/Pulse, to break up icy ingredients, for about 10 seconds, then Puree for about 30 seconds until smooth.

Experiment with your own combinations and flavours or add a scoop of your favourite protein powder or ground flaxseeds to pack more healthy goodness into your smoothie.  

Our blender Pick:

Hamilton Beach’s MultiBlend Blender  
is a great addition to your kitchen counter.  Sleek and stylish, the MultiBlend is specifically designed to handle food and beverage blending, making it the ideal piece of equipment handle your morning or post-workout smoothie. At around $30 the Hamilton Beach MultiBlend 53510 Blender is a great value as well.

The lightweight, easy to clean and operate design has a solid 700 watt motor and 48 oz jar to fill up with healthy and fresh dips, hummus or salsas.  The included pestle-like stir/measuring spoon helps work the thicker foods into the blades. I tested the Blender on a couple of smoothie blends and was impressed with the speed and ease of use.

 Written by: Jay Minter

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