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April 11, 2018

A recipe to lose fat for the summer.

In the fitness industry the beginning of summer is usually a slow time. People are either summer ready or they have given up. The majority of us would like to look a little slimmer this summer or just in general. Just because summer is here doesn’t mean we should settle. Here are a few quick tips to drop some fat this summer.

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1. Be Active: Take advantage of the warmer weather and spend time doing outdoor activities such as walking/jogging, swimming, hiking, or playing sports such as basketball or soccer. Involve the family. Make it fun. Try to workout or do something active daily.

2. Hydrate: During these warmer months step up your H20 consumption. If you really want to ramp up weight loss drop the pops and energy drinks and replace with cold water. This is alone is a game changer for many trying to lose weight. Add Cellucor Alpha Amino to water for endurance, recovery, hydration, and great taste. More info on this below.

3. Eat for Energy: Reduce or eliminate processed foods and fast food. Replace the typical sides and snacks of chips and cookies with fresh vegetables and fruit. This should hold true for those of you who have kids.

4. Grill and Chill: It's perfect weather to pull out those grills and chef up some lean proteins, potatoes, and vegetables. Eating healthy does not have to be tasteless and boring. Add healthier Flavor God seasonings to anything and everything to spice things up!

5. Try Something New: If you have been doing the same workouts forever or haven’t been doing anything consider trying something completely new. Take a new Zumba or Spin class. Hire a personal trainer. Yoga. Find something new and sign up. I have custom online programs as well as $10 e-book programs. Check them out at HERE or email me at for a consultation. If you want to look different, it might be time to try something different.

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