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December 04, 2015

What do we need before exercising (a.k.a. pre-workout)?

The obvious and simple answer is ENERGY! Yes. All cells in the body need energy. The heart muscle to pump, the lung muscles to inhale and exhale and the skeletal muscles to contract and move, they all need energy.

How about after exercising (a.k.a. post-workout)?

You may want to ask what we need after a workout. You still need energy to recover and also you need to rehydrate. Let’s talk a bit about energy.

What is the source of cellular energy in the body?

Adenosine Tri Phosphate or simply ATP is the source of all cellular energy. Basically, ATP is the only energy capable of being used by muscles in the body.

What is ATP?

ATP is composed of adenine, ribose and phosphates. The phosphates are attached by “high energy” bonds and when they break energy is generated for the muscles.

Muscles need energy to contract and move. The storage of ATP in muscle cells is limited. Therefore, there is a continuous need for ATP to be regenerated for basic body functions (e.g. heart and lungs) as well as movement. Decreased oxygen level, decreased blood flow and other stressful conditions like working-out can drastically affect the intracellular concentration of ATP.

Why is the concentration of ATP critical?

The integrity, cellular chemical reactions and the intended function of each cell is directly dependent upon quantifiable levels of ATP. Insufficient levels of ATP can severely affect intracellular processes and functions. Each cell produces its own ribose to aid in ATP production. Normally, ribose is available to produce ATP, which is not the case in disease, hypoxia or stressful states such as; during or after exercise. To summarize, adequate ATP levels are essential to maintain each cell’s integrity and function.

What is D-Ribose?

D-ribose or ribose is a simple 5-carbon sugar, with a slightly sweet taste. Ribose, a naturally occurring sugar, is a key structural component of ATP needed by the mitochondria to maintain cellular energy equilibrium.

Why do we need supplemental ribose?

ATP is the immediate energy supply for muscle contraction and supplemental ribose replenishes the depressed ATP level. Studies have shown that ribose can accelerate energy recovery in skeletal muscles and relieve fatigue, soreness and stiffness after intense exercise. Ribose has also been reported to be effective in restoring tissue energy levels following exercise, improving exercise tolerance and quality of life in people with fatigue.

  • Your body must have enough ribose to be able to synthesize ATP (energy).
  • Ribose enhances your body’s ability to generate ATP faster and more efficient.

What is RiboBlast?

RiboBlast is the first ALL-NATURAL, low calorie, D-ribose based sports drink mix supplemented with vitamins and electrolytes in Canada at only 10 calories per pack. It is individually packaged in a single serve pack. Dissolve each pack in 500 ml (17 oz) water for a full, rich taste. Each pack composed of:

  • 2 g Bioenergy D-Ribose per pack
  • Good source of vitamin C (30% of recommended daily intake)
  • Good source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, pantothenate (15% of recommended daily intake of each)
  • Good source of potassium (10% of recommended daily intake)
  • Low in sodium

 Free from: allergens, caffeine and other stimulants, preservative, artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners, fat and cholesterol

How does RiboBlast work?

RiboBlast was developed based on scientific evidence. We chose each ingredient based on its known biological function in the body to give you energy and hydrate your body.

D-Ribose is the natural sugar that supplies the body with energy and plays a key role in energy metabolism.

Vitamin B1 releases energy from carbohydrates.

Vitamins B2, B6, B12 promote energy metabolism and tissue formation.

Vitamin C is a dietary antioxidant that helps to build bones and cartilage.

Potassium replaces electrolytes lost during exercise. It is also an important component of intracellular fluid and is needed to generate the action required for muscle contraction.

Sodium replaces electrolytes lost during exercise. It is also a component of extracellular fluid and essential for maintaining water balance. It is also needed to generate the action required for muscle contraction.

RiboBlast is all you need in one pack. Each pack gives you what you need before, during and after exercise. An energy source, the vitamin B family and electrolytes to energize, hydrate, recover, fight fatigue and muscle soreness.

 Arezou Aghlara, PhD in Food Science

RiboBlast is now offering “free shipping on all orders within Canada and US. No minimum purchase is required”.

 *** 1% of their profit will be donated to “Little Warriors™”, an organization committed to prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse ***

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