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June 07, 2015

Taking care of people and the environment is something that is all of our responsibility. With pollution and overfishing contributing to climate change, and the continuous exploitation of the environment, the need for collective action has never been so great.

We would like to take the time to spread the word about a project that is close to us because the cause is so important to our world and future generations, and because the late founder is an inspiration, and someone who truly chose to be better in every facet of his life.

Daniel Kingsbury founded the Jellyfish Project in 2011, a non-profit organization which is bringing attention to climate change, and educating the world on how humans can live a sustainable existence. Daniel was an environmentalist, musician, leader, and friend, who makes us take a moment to reflect on what we are doing as individuals to make the world a better place.

The Jellyfish Project brings music and activism together to create a powerful educational movement. They offer free presentations and educate youth on environmental issues, while providing solutions on how we can all be apart of the environmental movement. Resourceson sustainability, ocean conservation, and climate change can be found on their website, and if you would like to donate, or request a presentationplease do so. This knowledge couldn’t be more important to our lives, and the lives of future generations.


What we are doing:
As many of you know we use a unique technology harnessed from the shells of crustaceans to keep our gear odor free, wrinkle free, and moisture wicking.  A lot of research and thought went into choosing our particular technology, we knew the performance features we were looking for, but were not satisfied with just going with what everyone else was doing. Many activewear brands use silver in their garments to have similar performance features. Sounds fancy right? The issue here is that every time you wash your garments the metal nano particles can be released back into the water systems, which is extremely bad for our marine ecosystems, and can be absorbed by open pores when you are working out and sweating. 

The fishing industry is a major burden on the environment, with bio waste being a huge source of pollution in coastal areas. This is the main reason we decided to use Chitin (a component of crustacean shells), is that instead of being wasted the shells are used. The best part is obviously that it is safe for both the environment, and the person wearing it.

Together we must commit to breaking free of the unsustainable status quo, and evolve the way we live.

 Thank you to our friend Daniel, for being a quiet but powerful leader and voice for the environment. Together we can continue to take a stand for the environment, and spread his  message. 

"This is devastating. The reality is that any young person seeing the state of the world and how little our so called leaders are doing to protect it are either going to become radicals or despair as Daniel has. How very sad." 

             - David Suzuki, Environmentalist. 


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