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September 11, 2017

From bursts of orange to leather jackets, we round up fall’s hottest menswear trends – and how to make them wearable.


There’s something about the term ‘trend’ that freaks out even the biggest followers of fashion. Sure, many of us like to keep our finger on the pulse with what’s currently en vogue; but the idea of actually attempting to pull off half the looks that are sent down the New York, London or Paris Fashion Week runways is enough to give any man the jitters.

This is why at Strongbody Apparel we encourage finding a timeless style that surpasses the various fads and what happens to be #trending. But with this in mind, it can also be fun to incorporate trends into your everyday attire, providing it’s done in the right way.

To show you what we mean, we’re taking a look at fall’s hottest menswear trends and explaining how they can actually be worn by any man. Thank us later.

Vivid Orange

Think winter’s just about gloomy hues and neutrals? Think again. The FW17/18 runways sent bursts of bright orange down the runways that will brighten up any man’s dreary winter wardrobe. Givenchy went all out with head-to-toe burnt orange by way of a duffle coat and dungarees. Not for the faint-hearted. Meanwhile, Marni made a bold statement with a pair of eye-popping, zesty trousers that would light up a dark alleyway.

So how to make this trend wearable? Well, you definitely want to go down Marni’s direction over Givenchy's (although if you feel comfortable enough to rock head-to-toe orange, we salute you). Just tone the shade of the trousers down a bit to make your sartorial statement with a touch of subtlety. Still too much? Add a pop of colour with a bright orange tee, or invest in a burnt orange overcoat like the one Ports 1961 debuted.

Military-inspired Camouflage

In the same way florals do for women, camouflage is a print that resurfaces time and again for men and this fall/winter is no exception. Traditional khaki tones were seen everywhere at London Men’s Fashion Week, in grays, whites and greens. Liam Hodges took the print to new levels alongside neon yellows on jackets and sweatshirts. Elsewhere, Nigel Cabourn took a more refined approach with classic khaki shades used across military-inspired outerwear.

We’d definitely recommend opting for Cabourn’s take on the trend, as it’s a timeless way to wear camouflage that will surpass the season. Invest in a quality military-inspired bomber, puffer or parka jacket in a khaki hue that you’ll wear with all your favorite knits and sweats on the weekend. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try out a camo print shirt. But we'd recommend picking one military piece per ensemble, unless you enjoy being thanked by strangers for your military service to the country.

Timeless Stripes

Another print that comes back in season time and time again, stripes definitely returned as one of fall’s hottest menswear trends for FW17/18. Whether they made their impact through oversized knitwear (and oversized stripes) from Vivienne Westwood and E Tautz or through coordinated jumpers and accessories from YMC, stripes made it clear they’re a print that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Probably the most wearable of all fall’s hottest menswear trends, any man can incorporate stripes into his wardrobe this season and beyond. Whether you go for a chunky, monochrome knit or simply add a stripy scarf to your winter wardrobe, stripes are an easy way of adding interest to your look. Just avoid going all-out stripy by wearing a striped suit. You don’t want to end up looking like Beetlejuice.

Classic Corduroy

1970s fashion has been making a big comeback for the past few seasons, but not everyone feels quite brave enough to rock out the flares or platforms. And we’re with them on that. So introducing corduroy into your wardrobe is a great way of dipping your toes into the Seventies trend without going all-out Beegees.

Hermes kept it classically fashionable by pairing gray corduroy trousers with a black leather jacket and scarf, while Officine Generale took it back in time with an olive green cord suit teamed with a soft pink shirt and scarf. A full corduroy suit might be too big a step for the first-timer, but if you are going to give it a go make sure it’s cut slim in a neutral hue. Hermes’ approach is definitely more wearable though, so why not try out the look with a pair of cord trousers or jacket?

Luxe Leather

Most guys have at least one leather jacket in their wardrobe, but if you haven’t – it might be time to invest in one. Lavish leather styles were seen everywhere on the runways, from Matthew Miller’s classic biker and aviator designs to Xander Zhou’s full-length, Matrix-inspired styles. There were definitely several designers who took a leftfield approach to their leather garments that would alienate most men, which is why we’d suggest taking a leaf out of Miller’s book and keep it simple and classic.

A clean and contemporary leather bomber jacket is the perfect way to do this, as it’s a style that is easy-to-wear and never in your face. Black is of course the go-to hue, but you can soften the look by reaching for a design in camel or gray. Fancy channelling a bit more of an edge? Release your inner rocker by adding a black biker jacket to your collection. A timeless piece you’ll wear from one season to the next, a biker jacket looks its best when slightly distressed. Keep an eye out for a vintage style to really nail the look.

Final word

With temperatures dropping and the wintry months upon us, it’s not all doom and gloom. The colder season opens the door to much more exciting fashion choices, from outerwear and knits to footwear and accessories. And although it’s fun to take notice of what fashion’s best designers are sending down the runways, it’s also crucial to keep your looks timeless and practical.

That said, if you’ve got your mind set on turning up at work in head-to-toe orange or a monochrome striped suit, we’re not going to stop you. Just don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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