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December 13, 2016

It's difficult to find the perfect gift, but we will make it a little easier for you this year!

You want to make sure you give a gift that someone wouldn't typically go out and buy on their own. You also want to support their active lifestyle, it's easy to grab the chocolates, video games and tv's this time of year, but don't do it! It could be wise to take a look through their closet, is there something missing? How is the tread looking on their runners? Do the zippers work on their jacket? Do they like to cook? What is the pot and pan situation? In this post, you will find some of my favourite gift-able items, many of which will be going to my friends, family and colleagues. Remember, if he needed a pair of socks, housecoat, slippers or lottery ticket, he probably would of bought it himself. 

Here is are top 10 gift ideas for the active man.

1. "Power Beats 3"  - These wireless headphones are a must have, they are a little pricey, but it's a gift he will never forget!

Powerbeats 3

2. "FITPLAN" - Get him a subscription to FITPLAN, this fitness app provides workout and nutrition plans from the best athletes on the planet.


3. "Naturebox Subscription" - For only $3-$4 per snack the Naturebox subscription makes it easy to access and feed yourself healthy snacks.


4. "Black Fire with Bob" Bob Harper is known for his appearance and role as one of the worlds greatest personal trainers on Biggest Loser. You can do his workouts online or purchase the DVD.

Bob Harper in Black Fire - The perfect gift for the active man

5. "The Athletic Jogger" - Workout pants that don't drag on the ground, they are lightweight and odour fighting. Fully equipped with side zipper pockets and a back pocket. 

Athletic Jogger by Strongbody is the best gift for the active man

6. " SBA Imprinted Heart Water bottle" - 

Made in Switzerland by renowned canteen company SIGG, and printed with the Strongbody trademark. Forged from lightweight aluminium which has been coated for a matte look with a durable finish. This bottle is free from EA, BPA, BPF, BPS, Phthalates, PVC and polycarbonates. The EcoCare liner and round-edged thread this water bottle is leak proof.

Strongbody SIGG Water Bottle

7. "Tough Mudder Registration" - We all need a little push every now and then. Sign him up for one of the most difficult races, he will thank you someday.

Tough Mudder Registration

8. "TRX Suspension Training System" - Workout anywhere and anytime, don't gift him any excuses.

TRX Suspension Training System is the perfect gift for the active man

9. "Trigger Point Foam Roller Grid"- Every guy needs a foam roller, this one is at the top of the list.

Trigger Point Foam Roller is the perfect gift for the active man

10. "Wi-Fi Body Scale" - It's a great idea to track your progress and stay focused. This wi0fi body scale has its own app and is a must have this Christmas.

WIFI body fat scale


Worried about staying fit through the holiday season? Check out our primer on how to make your health a priority through the holidays.

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