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September 21, 2015

Vancouver crossfit 604 in gastown

Photo by: Crossfit 604

Crossfit is a sport, a team sport. It's not called Crossfit though, it's called GRID, named for the layout of the playing surface. What was once a debate that went on for years is now mainstream and has over 5,000 affiliated Crossfit gyms worldwide. Now, you may not be in the best shape of your life and you might not be prepared mentally, but you want to give it a go and so you should! Let's start off  by putting your best foot forward and get the right gear. Here’s a few items that will ensure your properly prepared for your next Crossfit WOD.

How to find good crossfit shoes

Let’s start with shoes. You could wear your regular runners, however I don’t recommend it. Do not underestimate the extreme workout that lies ahead, and shoes are the most important piece of gear to think of when starting Crossfit. I recommend the Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0. This shoe is extremely light and durable. They’re infused with Kevlar in its Nano mesh for abrasion protection, and are engineered for heavy lifting and speed.

Do I wear gloves for crossfit?

 You don’t always see someone wearing gloves when doing Crossfit, however the heavy lifts can quickly rip up your hands. Get the Rogue Mechanix Gloves, it’s a second pair of skin, they are thin and have a micro fibre palm material that will last 4x as long as synthetic leather. It includes a wrap around wrist strap for security with those big lifts. They have thought of everything, these gloves are breathable and are highly effective at reducing heat build up, thanks to their TrekDry material.  

Picking a good weightlifting belt for crossfit

When it comes to wearing a belt there will be mixed reviews and opinions on wearing a belt vs. not wearing a belt. I believe when it comes to crossfit and heavy lifting, you should protect your core and wear a belt. When doing light mobility exercises or light weight lifting, you should skip the belt to strengthen your core. When your buying a belt, you want to ensure it’s a high quality, durable belt, you don’t want the belt to give away during those heavy lifts. Checkout the Rogue Oly Phio Lifting Belt, It starts with the width of the belt, it’s 10mm thick and measures 4” across the back portion and down to just 2” wide across the front and sides. Made from high quality USA leather and equipped with a buckle guard and very easy to adjust.

Using a speed rope for crossfit double unders

Its time to join in on those infamous doubleunders. You need a high quality speed rope to accomplish this task. The RPM Speed Rope combines sophisticated technology and a beautiful design to reach record-breaking speeds, and achieve unparalleled accuracy with every jump.

Crossfit shirt for intense training

In Crossfit shirts are optional, usually when you start you don’t have ripped abs, and so you need a high quality, technical T-shirt. The Pulse Elite Tee  is engineered for elite athletes. With chafe free seams, moisture wicking fabrics, and odor fighting technology it will help take you to the next level. 

Find the performance crossfit training shorts

Shorts however are not optional. You need a pair of shorts that are lightweight, breathable and move freely with your body. The Performance Shorts by Strongbody Apparel are the perfect length and weight of fabric for versatility, and have been test and approved by elite athletes and personal trainers. Sewn with a specialized flat-lock stitch means chafing is a non-issue, while the side zip pockets keep your keep your stuff safe. The shorts are infused and treated with the shells of crustaceans to make the fabric antimicrobial and odor fighting.  

Want to get into CrossFit? Check out our beginners guide and Workout of the Day from CrossFit Coach Joe Ward, here.

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