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September 22, 2016

Crossfit Extreme

The ultimate fitness test is Crossfit. You can do it alone, however most enjoy doing it, as is a team sport. Crossfit can also be referred to as GRID, named for the layout of the playing surface. There are over 6,000 Crossfit facilities worldwide and the sport continue to grow. Crossfit intimidates most people, but you shouldn’t be intimidate and instead be inspired. You don’t have to be a human specimen to get involved in the sport, just give it a go.

First things first, let’s get you setup with the right gear. We’ve reached out to some local crossfit gyms and athletes to ask them, what’s the best Crossfit gear? How do you choose the right gear for crossfit?

First things first, let’s get you setup with the right gear. We’ve reached out to some local crossfit gyms and athletes to ask them, what’s the best Crossfit gear?

Crossfit shoes, take your time.

If you are reading this article, your probably new to Crossfit and are unfamiliar with the types of movements involved in the sport. The constantly varied movements and style of exercise will make you take a closer look at footwear.


The Speed TR 1.0 is a new model designed with any and every WOD in mind. There are flex grooves for weightlifting stability, a breathable mesh upper and anti-friction collar for reduced heat and moisture, and a moulded compression midsole for impact resistance and max comfort. Reebok also built in a heel KippingKlip and its patented RopePro carbon rubber to prevent sliding and improve explosiveness. Reebok does a great job at catering to the crossfit community and providing high quality crossfit gear.

 Reebok Crossfit Shoes


 Lets talk crossfit gloves

You’ve heard the stories or seen a friend with skin ripped off the tips of his fingers or palm of the hand. As you gain strength, you will add weight to your lifts and you will push yourself to your limit. You can and will build up calluses, but sometimes those rip off and can leave some nasty sores on your hand. I suggest you play it safe and invest in a good pair of crossfit gloves.


Mechanix Fingerless Gloves are heavy-duty, but uniquely breathable, lightweight, and moisture reducing, keeping your hands dry and comfortable. Thermoplastic rubber is also used on the glove closure for a custom, secure fit to the wrist. These are the perfect crossfit gloves.

 Training Gloves for Crossfit



Don’t like using gloves for crossfit? Use Crossfit Tape!

At some point you will likely experience a torn calluses, you want to avoid this as much as possible. An alternative to a pair of Crossfit gloves is tape; make sure you do your research on how to tape your hands properly as this can be a tricky. To avoid tearing your skin open, perform callus maintenance regularly; don’t use excessive amounts of chalk. As I said earlier, it is inevitable and a tear will happen.

Crossfit Tape  


Do you need a belt for crossfit? 

Everyone has there own opinion on wearing a belt vs. not wearing a belt. When it comes to heavy lifting, you should protect your core and wear a belt. During light mobility exercises or light weight lifting, you should skip the belt to strengthen your core.

Rogue Oly Phio Lifting Belt

Includes a seamless roller for smooth, easy-to-tighten adjustments and a buckle guard to prevent loose clothing from catching on the belt. Each weightlifting belt is made in Ohio, from quality USA leather, and features precision, reinforced stitching.

 Weight lifting belt


The best Crossfit speed rope

Most Crossfit gyms will have their own ropes; however if your serious about Crossfit, we recommend you choose a high quality speed rope to master those doubleunders.


Your speed scores will soar with this innovative rope. This rope is unique with its ability to easily change lengths. Each rope comes with 10' of black-coated cable. In addition, when the cable wears out there is no need to buy a whole new rope. Purchase a replacement cable and save money.

Speed Rope for Crossfit Class 


What to wear to crossfit?

To wear a shirt or to not wear a shirt, that’s the question. If you already have the six-pack, rock the abs. You want something breathable, lightweight, moisture wicking and antimicrobial.

The Pulse Elite Tee  

Elite athletes need elite gear. Period. Strongbody Apparel’s Pulse Elite Tee is engineered for helping you hit your personal bests at the CrossFit gym, on the bike, or on the trail. Designed with our performance technology, the Pulse Elite Tee keeps you comfortable as you push your limits. Available in black, charcoal, and white.

The Pulse Elite Tee - Made For CrossFit 

The Everything Shorts

Designed to take you up mountains, across valleys, and down cliffs. The shorter inseam is optimized for running and high intensity activities like CrossFit, while the odor fighting technology keeps them smelling fresh. 

The Everything Short - The Last Pair Of Shorts You Will Ever Need

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