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July 09, 2018

You’ve got an epic summer full of road trips and lake weekends planned, but you’re worried about keeping your fitness up while on-the-go. Rather than relying on sub-par hotel gyms, you need to build your own travel fitness kit. Here are our top picks for gear that is high tech, lightweight and easy to use:

Nike Zoom Fly

The Nike Zoom Fly is a great, lightweight runner that will keep up whether you’re grinding out a tempo run or enjoying a nice long jaunt. We love them for their understated look and excellent durability, not to mention the high-tech carbon-infused nylon plate that gives you extra momentum. Bonus points if you can get your hands on the much anticipated World Cup version by Off White x Nike.

Vancity Vee

With a sleek v-neckline and slim fit, this addition is a no-brainer. It looks great with wayfarers for patio drinks, but is designed with performance in mind. The Heather Cobalt color is perfect for #summervibes, and the supersoft fabric means you will never want to take it off. Chuck it in your duffle and it will come out wrinkle-free and ready for an adventure.


Big into strength training but can’t get to a gym? This cult favourite is here to the rescue. Hook it up to a tree, a door or a swing set and you’re ready to make some gains. It improves your strength and mobility by using simple bodyweight exercises. The TRX app even comes preloaded with workout plans and exercise tips so that you can focus on more important things (your tan).


Fill it up with water, fill it up with sand-- it doesn’t matter. With it’s tough cordura nylon exterior, the PKB can handle whatever you throw at it. Time to leave? Empty the kettle bell and it packs down flat and light. Plus, by training your strength and cardio at the same time, you’ll have that much more beach time.

Resistance Bands

The humble resistance band is the MVP of your travel gear. Packing down to practically nothing, while increasing the effectiveness of your body weight workout, you need some of these in your travel bag. As a bonus, there are thousands of free resistance band circuits online to help you target different muscle groups and keep your workout engaging.

Tangram Smart Rope

Probably the coolest skipping rope we have ever seen, the Tangram Smart Rope displays your workout data in the air in front of you using LED lights. It also includes an app that keeps track of your workout data, and gives a variety of workouts based on your current skill level and fitness goals. With a battery that will last you through 30 days of workouts, as well as lightweight, ergonomic handles, the Smart Rope is the perfect add-on to your travel fitness kit.


What are your travel fitness hacks? Leave a comment below!

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