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June 08, 2016

Workout like a personal trainer and lose fat like a trainer

When it comes to working out and looking good, it is only natural to look to your trainer for advice and tips on exercise.  While it may seem easy to your trainer, losing body fat is something that takes time and effort.  The weight loss and fat loss industry is booming because of the health benefits to losing fat and while there are many gimmicks and tools to aid in your weight loss and fat reduction, the best way to lose fat is through an effective diet and exercise program.  Let’s take a look at the top seven exercises that your trainer swears by for losing body fat.

The Top 7 Exercises Your Trainer Does to Lose Fat

  •  The Clean. The clean is a great exercise to work the entire body and it is a great way to help shred unwanted fat from the body.  One of the biggest reasons you get this benefit is due to it being a power exercise.  Power is the ability to lift weight (whether it is heavy or light) in a fast movement.  The key to losing fat is to work hard and sweat a lot, which the clean can help with.  If you are new to the clean, you will want to learn proper form and start with light weight.  Aim for two or three sets of 10 reps for best results for your health.
  • Interval Exercises. This is a cardio workout for you so you will want to either complete this on a treadmill or bike (this example will go over the treadmill).  Common knowledge is such that low intensity training for longer duration burns fat, but new research supports high intensity interval training for more efficient fat  Make sure to complete a full 5-minute warm-up and find a speed that is a faster pace for you followed by a slower pace.  Aim for 30 second intervals with 30 second rest periods (your slow pace).
  • Core Leg Lifts. These are also known as straight leg raises, L crunches, or knees to chest, depending on the variety you are completing.  Start by lying flat down, hands behind the head and gently lifting both legs (straight) off the floor a few inches minimum.  Start out with two or three sets of 10 reps to start and increase your reps to progress.
  • Burpee. This is the exercise everyone loves to hate, but your trainer loves doing these because they really improve your health and fitness.  Start out with two or three sets of five reps and progress as they become easier.  Make sure to add a good jump with each burpee to make it worth your while.
  • Dead Lift. Similar to the clean exercise above, the deadlift is a great exercise that can help to tone your body to lose fat.  You want to make sure to learn proper form with this exercise and take it light at first.  Start with two sets of ten reps with light weight and when you are ready, add in another set.
  • Plyo Jumps. This is a great exercise for adding strength in the legs and they are one of the best exercises you can do for power and fat loss.  Since power exercises are ideal for losing body weight, this is something you will want to add in your routine immediately.  Start out with two sets of five reps and progress by adding in another set when you are ready.
  • PushUp. This is quite possibly the simplest exercise you could do mainly because you can do it anywhere and at any time.  Your trainer is a master at the pushup and for good reason.  It works the core, back, arms, and some of the thighs and glutes.  This is a complete body exercise that is bound to shed some of the fat pounds away and tone you up.  Start with three sets of 10 reps and progress with more reps.




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