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October 14, 2017 1 Comment

Dragon Den Hangover

That's a wrap! The filming session is over, we say our goodbyes to the models our producer and leave the CBC studio. Jim Treliving gave us a Boston Pizza gift card, after the taping we walked across the street to BP for a celebratory drink. If there is one thing we knew how to do, it was celebrate and we did it well. We couldn't believe it, was closed a deal with Joe Mimran the king of fashion in Canada! It was the first time in Dragon's Den history that Joe Mimran made an offer to a clothing company. We didn't know at the time if our episode would make it to air or if it made it to air how the producers would edit it; none the less we thought it was quite a accomplishment to have made it this far. We went back to our hotel to pack our bags and head to the airport. We returned to Vancouver a little exhausted and hungover, but we got right back to work. We only had a few weeks before we went on a 2 month trip across the US to sell Strongbody Apparel at trade shows like "Project NY" or The Chicago Collective and many others.

Joe Mimran's Dragon's Den Deal

We didn't have Joe's contact information, we were told by one of the producers that Joe would be in touch with us and that they would pass along our information to him. We were not overly concerned, based on our research we had learned that most Dragon's Den deals don't close and in some cases there is no follow up from the Dragons. A week went by and hadn't heard from Joe, another week went by and we received an email from Joe's financial advisor. He sent us an NDA to sign, which we signed and sent back. He then requested our business plan, financial documents, assets, liabilities, shareholder register and a few other pieces of information. We sent him all the required information and anything else that we thought would help our chances of securing an investment. 

Our Meeting with Joe Mimran and Gibraltar Associates

About two month's later after we completed our travels selling our product at various trade shows we received an email form Gilbraltar Associates. They wanted to meet with us in Toronto, we agreed to the meeting, purchased our plane tickets and were off to Toronto two weeks later.

We arrived at the offices, we sat down with Joe, Jason and Jeremy for an hour long meeting. Similar to Dragon's Den they asked us a series of questions, they wanted to dig in and find out if you are capable of taking the business to the next level. The meeting was positive, we are in the process of coming to terms and have a follow up meeting scheduled in February and we hope it's to close a deal.

Dragon's Den Season 12 with 6 Dragon's


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November 09, 2017

Congratulations! I remember your sportswear launch a few years ago when I was in Vancouver and have followed along the past few years. Congrats on making it through the “Den” and best wishes for the brand in the future!!

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