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July 11, 2015

People have been cleansing since the Ancient Egyptian era, the idea of autointoxication, in which foods consumed can putrefy and produce toxins that harm the body. By the early twentieth century detoxification-based approaches quickly fell out of favour. Abandoned by mainstream medicine, the idea has persisted in the popular imagination and amongst alternative-medicine practitioners.

What is a cleanse? 

Put very simply, it's hitting your body's reset button. But it's not quite that simple. Cleansing is a great way to give your body a break from unhealthy food choices, dehydration and general excess. Even if you're a pillar of exercise, purity and clean living, we're all exposed to unavoidable environmental pollutants on a daily basis. It's estimated that, on average, we can all have at least 5-10 lbs of accumulated toxic waste from sources like prescription drugs, cleaning products, auto pollution, dry cleaning chemicals as well as preservative and additives in the foods we eat. The good news is your body is built to eliminate toxins and waste. And it works hard at it on your behalf every single day.

We have been hearing great things about Vancouver's local Juice Truck.  They gave us the low down on cleansing, and a few options to try out. Our pick is their super convenient and delicious 7 day cleanse that they deliver right to your door step!  The Juice Cleanse infuses your body with life-giving nutrients and helps you refresh, renew and rebalance your body. Your skin will glow. You'll sleep better. You'll improve your digestion and reduce inflammation. You'll feel better physically and mentally. That's the power of The Juice Cleanse. Who wouldn't want to feel like that?

Founded in 2011, The Juice Truck is Vancouver’s first and original Cold-Pressed Juice Company. You can find their truck at the corner of Water and Abbott Street in Gastown, Visit our new Store at 28 West 5th Avenue or order their juice online through their

Juice does some amazing things for your body and health. It's also delicious, refreshing and hydrating, which is every bit as important. Especially the delicious part! They make the most nutritionally complete juice possible. Their premium cold press makes juice that contains more essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes than juice made any other way. The cold press also preserves the natural flavours of the produce, which makes the juice tastier.


They support local produce and organic farming practices as a way of extending our passion for healthy living beyond our cozy corner of Water and Abbott Street. In the case of fruits and vegetables that just aren't locally or seasonally available (mmmmm, pineapple), they take a long look at potential suppliers to verify their growing standards and practices measure up to our standards. 

The juices are flavourful and delicious. They're designed using specific nutrients to make sure the whole process is as gentle as possible. To keep your energy level up, they include a nut milk in all of The Juice Cleanse cleanses. Plus each cleanse has a total of seven daily drinks instead of the six you more commonly find in cleanses.

 The choice to do The Juice Cleanse is the beginning of a new way of thinking and feeling.

 The Cleanse or not to Cleanse?


Do you love juicing but want to add more fibre to your diet? Check out our favourite smoothie recipe here. 

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