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January 16, 2018

Trying to fit one hour of gym per day is difficult. More so these days when it feels like we’re always rushing through your chores to get to the next destination. There’s only so little you can accomplish on a single day and certainly working out should be one of them. Personally, I have made working out a crucial part of my everyday activities because it makes more happy, more focused and overall, more healthy. 
I usually wake up around 6:30 am and go to bed at 11:00 pm, so that leaves me with 16.5 hours to do whatever I want (or actually 8.5 hours if you have a 9-5 job just like me). I’ve always liked to invest in nice premium activewear, but my hectic schedule has actually made that a necessity. You may ask why, but I have discovered myself wearing activewear for most of the day not only because it’s comfortable and has the most advanced fabric technology, but because it looks nice and quite fashionable if you decide to put some time, money and effort on it. 

Man standing in front of dried up hill on a sunny day wearing a Navy shirt and Black jogger pants

With the rise of the omnipresent athleisure trend in recent years, avant-garde activewear has popped in practically almost every recognizable brand from the commercial Nike and Adidas to the high-fashion luxury fashion houses like Gucci, Vetements and Balenciaga. I consider myself a huge fan of the trend and I have personally blended my everyday style with activewear pieces that make dressing up so much more fun. Long gone are the days of wearing sleeveless cotton shirts and basketball shorts that looked sloppy and tacky inside and outside the gym. This new wave of aesthetic and sleek activewear matches perfectly my lifestyle because it’s practical, efficient and more importantly, because it looks nice no matter the place and time that I may be wearing it. I can wear my favorite pair of casual kicks with a pair of chinos, a bomber jacket and this royal navy Pulse Elite tee from Strongbody Apparel to work and by afternoon, I use that same t-shirt and kicks to go to the gym, only this time I can pair them with a black athletic jogger from the same brand. 
Wearing this, I don’t have to carry a huge gym bag with a full gym outfit, and I let myself relax because I can go everywhere I want without feeling underdressed or sloppy. I don’t loose more time changing clothes and eventually, washing them, ironing them and storing them away in my closet. It’s a clean, minimalistic and fashion-forward approach to choosing your clothes. If I want, I can do shopping in my activewear or go and grab lunch and then go run some errands at the bank before heading to the gym. The options become endless and my time yields more results. 

Close up picture of Adidas shoes and Strongbody Apparel black joggers standing on small rocks and in front of a dried hill
Ever since I decided that making exercise is a non-negociable part of my weekday schedule (just like eating and sleeping at least 7.5 hours per day), I have found myself trying to seize more from every single hour I have available in a day. Doing this with my clothes is only one of the many life hacks I use to manage better my time and accomplish everything I desire. 
Investing in modern activewear is not only a matter of looking good or spending money, but adopting lifestyle trends that suit the hectic agenda of the a busy man. If you feel just like myself, try and see the results for yourself. You’ll find yourself feeling and looking better, which will ultimately make you enjoy the most from your everyday routine. 

Side shot of a man jogging on a sunny day on a rocky trail behind a dried up hill. wearing a Navy shirt and black jogger pants
Till next time!
- MR
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