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June 16, 2015


Chiropractic Care : Active Release Technique
Participating in sports, spending hours in the gym, even sitting at a desk all day can result in the aches that we all occasionally experience. However, what do you do if those aches turn into pains that get in the way of your work-out or even your everyday function?
Active Release Technique (ART) is a Chiropractic soft tissue treatment aimed at correcting tight or damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments. Active Release Technique is often sought out by athletes but is suitable for everyone. Scar tissue can build up in muscles after trauma, repetitive or overuse and repetitive use resulting in a shortening or fusion of the muscles causing pain and  discomfort in some motions.
An ART Chiropractor, likeDr Lucas Tisshaw at Vitality Clinic, is trained to evaluate the texture and tightness of muscles.  On a recent consultation, Dr Tisshaw showed the treatment involves applying pressure to the muscle and having the patient make specific movements to lengthen and repair the scar damage. Comparing ART to traditional chiropractic treatments, ART is a progression of treatment and manipulation to repair the damage whereas in traditional treatment the Chiropractor manually adjusts the patients’ muscles and joints.
Dr Tisshaw says “every patient responds to ART differently, people have different tolerance to the treatment and healing can vary from person to person, it’s my job to ensure ART is right for the patient and make sure they are comfortable with the treatment.”
Whether its a complaint from running, walking, rowing, or sitting at your desk all day, visit a Active Release Technique trained chiropractor likeDr Tisshaw at Vitality Clinicto see if ART is right for you.
Post by - Jay Minter
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