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August 23, 2015

Image Via. Barber & Co. Facebook
Photo: Barber & Co Facebook

My first haircut with a barber was memorable to say the least. I’ll never forget the day of my sister’s wedding. My mom gave me $10 and told me to get a haircut in the mall. The barbershop had that classic look: pictures of celebrity haircuts all over the walls, a stack of Maxim and Sports Illustrated magazines, and a water-cooler. Everything seemed to look normal, even the 85-year old Barber fit right into place. Well, one hour later he was finished. What should have been 10 minutes and me coming out looking like Tom Cruise, was an epic disaster with giant moon craters of bald scalp showing all over my head, it was a worse look than that guy from the movie Jarhead. I’ll leave it at this: every man, or even boy, needs a good barber. Nowadays we’re blessed with social media outlets like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to provide us with pictures and reviews. If you’re in Vancouver, I recommend checking out Barber and Co. They have a cool vintage design exhibiting natural character and style. Steady hands deliver high quality haircuts, straight shaves, and beard trims at every full-service location.

Beardbrand Facebook

Photo: Beardbrand Facebook

Being part aboriginal has its benefits, having sexy looking facial hair is not one of them. I have very little facial hair. When it does grow it's patchy and sparse, and so it’s more important than ever that I keep up with my grooming. The beard and moustache trend is still going strong, however if you don’t keep a clean trim you won’t look trendy at all, instead you will look like Tom Hanks the day left the island in the movie Castaway. I recommend The BeardBrand Men’s Grooming Kit, fully equipped with 1 tube of mustache wax, beard oil, a set of combs, and a Beardbrand button all nicely packaged in a black walnut box. Beardbrand wants to bring high quality products for beardsmen.

Calvin Klein

Photo: Calvin Klein Facebook

I always struggle to find a smell that resonates with me as an individual. When I was very young I tried to make my own colognes by mixing various liquids from the fridge, pantry, flowers from the garden, and my Dad’s expensive colognes. As you can probably imagine, I never quite got it right and so my dream of being an experimental cologne-making chemist came crashing down when my Dad went to spray his cologne and nothing came out. Lucky for me, Calvin Klein launched a series of fragrances that would make any man or women fall in love with you. You can buy this pretty much anywhere, and should be considered a staple for every man.

Strike Movement

Photo: STR/KEMVMNT Facebook

When you live in a one-bedroom condo, you only have so much room for sneakers. The last thing you want is a closet filled with bright flashy runners that when paired with jeans makes you look like Jerry Seinfeld circa 1992. Versatile runners are a must have, performance combined with street style. STR/KE MVMNT Chill Pill 2 in Grey will give you exactly that.

Nudie Jeans facebook

Photo: Nudie Jeans Facebook

Even though for the most part we have transitioned into an era where wearing sweats and activewear in every day life is perfectly acceptable, we still need a good pair of denim to throw into the mix. My favourite pair of jeans we’re purchased from Howards clothing in Whiterock B.C. they introduced me to Nudie jeans. I knew these jeans we’re mine to have since the moment I laid my eyes on them. When I put them on it was like they had been mine for years. I have been told that I have an odd shape body, however when I wear my Nudie jeans, some how I actually manage to get comments on how great my butt looks.

The Best Odor Fighting Workout Shirt

Photo: Strongbody Apparel

It was about three years ago, I was doing a chest workout in the gym and there we're two guys next to me on the incline press being extremely loud and annoying and what's worst is they smelled rancid. The smell was equivalent to taking a deep breath inside your hockey gloves or snowboard boots. I was inspired, I decided to create a workout shirt that would essentially be odor free and a few months later Strongbody Apparelwas born. Strongbody Apparel has become well known for odor fighting activewear made from shells of crustaceans. Superior in comfort, style and performance it's recommended as your go to for performance activewear. The Essential tank is lightweight, breathable, fade free, pill free, wrinkle free and did I mention odor fighting? 

No wardrobe is complete without some good old fashion activewear. Join the movement and choose to be better.

 Written by Quincy James 

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