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November 16, 2015 3 Comments

Brett Hoebel Celebrity Trainer
Brett Hoebel is a celebrity trainer from NBC’s The Biggest Loser season 11. He is one of USA's most sought-after experts for fast fat-loss, nutrition and motivation. He was the health advisor on the Food Network's Fat Chef, and regularly appears on TV shows like Steve Harvey and Dr. Oz to discuss topics such as weight loss, bullying, and strategies to stay motivated. His "Fitness From Within" approach is the cornerstone of his philosophy to health and longevity as well as his belief that "change starts from within".
He integrates the physical, psychological and emotional side of training. On the physical side, he incorporates martial arts like capoeira, muay thai kickboxing and boxing. These skill-based training methods keep people coming back because people can see and feel their improvement easily. There is also something to be said about learning how to deliver a legit punch, kick or makes you feel like a badass. These are all bodyweight training methods which he's big on for simplicity, convenience and the DIY nature of it.
He's also a fan of short effective workouts for efficiency and effectiveness. People workout harder in a shorter amount of time and workout more often. The science is also clear, shorter more intense workouts, specifically HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training workouts, get better results. Keep it under 30 minutes and keep it intense. The other big part of the picture is nutrition. You have to handle nutrition from day one.
To get transformation you need compliance. To get compliance you need motivation. To get motivation you need results. Most people view results in pounds or inches down and energy up. The fastest way to do this is through nutrition. Most people workout 2-3 times a Week on average...most people eat, snack or drink 10 times a Day on average. It's easy to consume 500 calories in less than a can take hours to burn that off.
The psychological side of training is an art form. To understand and to change what someone wants or thinks, you have to ask the right questions and be able to be a good listener. As a trainer, you have to put your ego aside sometimes so you can listen to what the person wants and is willing to do. Making a woman squat heavy because you think that is a part of a well-rounded training program, may not work for a woman that just wants to feel better in her skinny jeans. There are other ways to accomplish the goal without having her quads grow too much and losing her as a client. It's also knowing how to get someone to train at an effort level outside their comfort zone, but not so far outside that they feel beaten down. Taking them to their limit so that they feel accomplished and inspired. These are the intangible parts of training that you can't really read in a book. They come from your past experiences in life and emotional intelligence.
The final part of training for Brett, that exists with yourself, the group or your trainer. Relationships come with emotions. What he know's to be true is that people act of inspiration or desperation. Neither one is better or worse, ultimately if you get the needle to move and you actually start moving your body, that's a good thing. But being stuck in the middle, where you are not inspired enough to workout or desperate enough to do something about your health, is the worst place to be. Years can go by in this type of Purgatory with nothing changing. Surround yourself with people who are always working out, it will help keep you inspired and accountable. Also, follow specific social media accounts on Instagram and Pinterest that help keep me motivated. Brett trains in capoeira, MMA, CrossFit and Yoga which are all skill-based and therefor have a built in incentive to keep him training in them... 
Brett’s Training Approach:
My purpose is to help transform people's lives through Fitness. Fitness is like an oyster. The physical part of fitness; the sweat, the pounds, the miles run, the calories...those are the outside shell of the oyster bc they are tangible, accessible and understandable. But the pearl inside is the emotional and spiritual side of fitness; the’s how fitness will change your life once you commit to it. That is why I believe in "fitness from within"...that transforming your body starts from within. It starts with transforming your life from the inside out. And if you get into fitness for more superficial or vanity reasons, that’s all good. Getting into your skinny jeans or having a six-pack has it’s place, but it’s usually short-lived. If you want to be dialed in for life, then it requires a deeper connection and there always is, even underneath those skinny jeans. That’s what I call "sweating with soul"...finding an activity or form of fitness that feeds you emotionally...that's how you get transformation for the rest of your life.
Brett Hoebel Training Strong
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David Park
David Park

November 20, 2015

I’ve never felt like getting fit, until now!


November 16, 2015

I’m ready to sweat with soul! I’ve started a food journal and acknowledging the types of food I’m choosing. I’m ready to step it up!


November 16, 2015

Is there hope for an old egg like me?

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