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May 24, 2018

Even with adequate cash in hand smart people know that it is important to invest. Smarter people know where to invest because not everyone can come up with a million dollar business idea, but anyone with the right amount can make a billion dollar investment. However, not all businesses are avenues for worthy investments and others form better platforms compared to others. By putting your finances and faith in another person’s business enterprise you become legible to earn yourself a tremendous profit and equally devastating loss. And the one factor that will determine whether or not you made the right choice is time.

Nonetheless, you can make sure that your investment is highly inclined towards the tremendous profit side of the business scale. This is achievable by doing your research on upcoming and existing businesses with respect to their niches in the local and global markets. Lucky for you this article has compiled five of the best businesses to invest in within the current market. The following business enterprises based on research are among the most promising enterprises to stand the test of time, put you on the smarter category of people and earn you your money’s worth and more, here is how.

A tesla driving past a hermes store


TESLA can basically be described as the company of the future, given its products and ideology for the use of clean and renewable energy. With the increased awareness of environmental pollution, global warming and the need to counter these factors for a better future, the TESLA team realized a business niche. Having been founded in 2003, this company comprises of a group of engineers that create clean energy and storage products with the aim of proving that you do not need to compromise to effectively use clean energy.

Their most popular products are their all-electric vehicles, which have been created to counter and ultimately stop the use of fossil fuels for a zero emission future. All through the years of its growth, TESLA has created vehicle models from race cars to trucks using its one of a kind battery technology. Making vehicles such as; Model S their first all-electrical sedan, Model X being a sports utility vehicle, and Tesla Semi as their first ever electric truck among others. These vehicles have been designed to become the best in their categories with experts concluding their efficiency, performance as well as safety at the top of the line.

The TESLA approach to this niche in business has enabled this enterprise to create thousands of jobs, with its product line increasing every year even as the latest standings showed prospects of 500,000 vehicles a year production rate by 2018.

As a company that was only established 15 years ago, the growth rate of TESLA is beyond any doubt remarkable. And with no notable competition in sight, this enterprise is bound to change the future in aspects more than one. Which is why it is a worthy and sure investment.

acb marijuanna

ACB – Aurora Cannabis

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is a Canadian company that deals in the medical marijuana industry, and via its subsidiaries is a licensed producer and supplier of medical marijuana. There has been a race to expand marijuana production for startup pot companies in Canada as they await the legalization of recreational Marijuana. However, most of these companies have not recorded significant profits. ACB, however, has exceptionally grown and has recorded a market value of 4.59 million Canadian dollars, with their latest annual sales recorded at 18.1 million Canadian dollars through June 2017. The ABC Company is without a doubt within quite a competitive market, given the lucrative nature of the marijuana industry once recreational marijuana is legalized. Key statistics of the Aurora Cannabis Company includes; 215.54 annual return, 564.41M outstanding shares and a 30-day average volume of 14,830,100 among other enticing figures. Thus their statistics is evidence of their dominance within their industry, with major investors already putting millions into ABC Inc. after its acquisition of C$ 2.9 billion in stock, which happens to be the biggest deal in the sector.

The marijuana industry in Canada is set for a major upsurge once recreational marijuana is legalized in July 2018, and Aurora Cannabis Inc. has set up the perfect foundation to dominate this industry. The sooner you invest in this one the better for the improvement of your future financial status.


Luxottica Group (NYSE: LUX)

Luxottica Group is a holding company with headquarters based in Milan Italy, which deals in the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion, performance, sports, and luxury eyewear and operates in a global scale. In the distribution of its products, the company operates through its popular retail brands which include; Sunglass Hut, LensCrafters, ILORI and Pearle Vision among others. It also extends its services to well-known designer brands including; Prada, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel among others.

In 2017 the Luxottica Group announced and merged with Essilor, which is a move that enabled for a combined market capitalization. This merger will make both parties able to command more than a quarter of the world’s sales in any type of eyewear. Their combined market capitalization value stands at 46 billion euros, making the Luxottica Group definitely a worthy investment.

Michael Kors Holdings Limited (NYSE:KORS)

Michael Kors Holdings Limited is a company that deals in the design, production and distribution of fashion luxury products ranging from footwear, clothing, wearable technology, eyewear, jewellery and fragrance products for both men and women. The company operates on a global scale and has made all the right moves in ensuring its dominance over the industry.

On February 7th, 2018 Michael Kors announced their financial results following the third quarter that ended December 30th, 2017. And the figures were quite enticing, considering a reported $1.42 earning per diluted share and a 7.9% increase compared to the previous year. Other lucrative figures include; a gross profit increase of 9.7% to $884.0 million, $313.5 million income from operations, and a total revenue increase of 6.5% to 1.44 billion which included $114.7 million contributions from Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo is a company that was successfully integrated into Michael Kors Holdings Limited and has tremendously proven its worth. With moves and figures such as these, it would only be right to invest in such a company.

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co. (NYSE:TIF)

Originally based in New York, Tiffany & Company is an enterprise that deals in luxury jewellery, timepieces, leather goods, fragrances, accessories, and sterling silverware among other related stuff all over the globe. It is well known for its luxury products including diamonds which it is known for to provide in high quality. It has existed for decades having been established in the 1830s and so it has amassed immense popularity over the years.

From its latest financial report following the end of the financial year January 31st, 2017 displays figures such as a net income of $ 446.1 million, and a revenue of %4.00 billion. With figures like these amounts among others, this company is definitely investment worthy.

In conclusion, with the right investment made you can be sure of adequate financial returns and more at the right time. But then proper research and understanding of the industry that you intend to invest in is required in order to make the right choice. Hopefully, this article has guided you towards the right direction to begin.  


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