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July 06, 2016 2 Comments

We have been on a hunt to find the top 11 crossfit studios in North America, checkout the list and let us know which one’s you’ve been to.

1.     Crossfit 604 - Vancouver, Canada

Crossfit 604

Photo by: Crossfit 604

Located downtown Vancouver, Canada and has 10 crossfit coaches that run the show. If you have plan’s to visit Vancouver, get your crossfit fix at Crossfit 604 located in Gastown.


2. Crossfit 416 – Toronto, Ontario

Crossfit 416

Photo by: Wellbeing worldwide

Located on Queens Quay just a 5-minute drive away from Coronation Park. This facility is beautiful and has some serious competition going on inside.


3. CrossFit NYC - NYC, New York

Crossfit NYC


4. Crossfit Hollywood – Hollywood, Los Angelas

Crossfit Hollywood

Photo by: Crossfit Hollywood

The studio launched in 2008 by founders Andy Thompson and Neil Mahoney. Neil, who is an ex-SEAL has taken things to a whole new level. Get your workout fix here the next time you're in Hollywood.


5. Crossfit Austin – Austin, Texas

Crossfit Austin

Photo by: Crossfit Austin

Undeniably, CrossFit Austin is home to everyone who walks through their doors and joins is now family. Their “one” approach is not unique to crossfit, however they take it seriously and make you feel right at home.


6. Crossfit Downtown Miami – Miami, Florida

Crossfit Downtown Miami – Miami, Florida

Photo by: Yelp

South beach is notorious for it’s beaches and beautiful beach bodies, get yours training at Downtown Miami Crossfit studio.


  1. Crossfit 7070 – Monument, Colorado

Crossfit 7070 – Monument, Colorado

Photo by: Yelp

7070 has a strong roster of coaches that know the balance of self-discipline and having fun. Just a hop, skip and a jump away, take a trip and go for a visit.


  1. The Gym Crossfit Kilo – Cedar Falls, Iowa

The Gym Crossfit Kilo – Cedar Falls, Iowa

Photo by: WCF Courier

Don’t be fooled by their website, they mean business! Who wouldn’t wan to workout at this rustic facility in Cedar falls? Nothing but blood, sweat and tears in this place.


  1. SanFransisco Crossfit – SanFransisco, California

 SanFransisco Crossfit – SanFransisco, California

Photo by: Box Pro Mag

This place is a beast, they have everything and we mean everything. Don’t skip out on your workout in SanFransisco, this is an experience you won’t regret!


  1. Orange Coast Crossfit – Orange County, California

Orange Coast Crossfit – Orange County, California

Do you love brutal workout’s? This place is for you.


  1. Crossfit DC – Washington, DC

Crossfit DC – Washington, DC

Washington has more to give than the typical tourist attractions, get your WOD going on at Crossfit DC.

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2 Responses

Mary Monk
Mary Monk

July 06, 2016

Been to Crossfit 604 – in a historic interesting part of Vancouver. Great place – you won’t be disappointed.

Daniel Wu
Daniel Wu

July 06, 2016

Not sure if Andy of CF Hollywood is a former SEAL. y’all may want to double check that

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