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June 29, 2016

Crossfit for superman
Being inspired by the pro cross fit athletes of this world is easy. We pursue the sport to emulate them. We learn from their level of mastery while breaking our own set records. We're watching every move and sequence. Analyzing form,  intensity and explosiveness. Improving with every step.
That's what motivates us to follow these superb people. Their competitive spirit is inspiring. Here's a list of some of the most competitive worldwide. If you're not encouraged by these professionals, then you should rethink why you're doing this. This list embodies the nature of every WOD enthusiast that ever lived.
Kristine Andali

Kristine Andali has her own workout gym. And who wouldn't admire her for that? This Canadian cross fit pro is known in the fitness world along with her competitive sister. Twice, Kristine Andali finished in the CrossFit Open and within the top 25 positions. After a severe rupture of Kristine's Achilles, she has since recovered well, continues to sweat and runs a successful gym with her family.

Garret Fisher

Fisher is solid, 200 pounds and 6'1". He trains with a coach at his side but got his start in sports through the art of baseball. He sticks to a strict diet of measuring and weighing food. His tenure in the cross fit world runs at 5 years total. Regardless, his youthful advantage matched with his superb talent is taking him far.

Jenn Smith

Jenn Smith is a Boston, Ma., native. She got her start in athletic competitions young and ran the 800 meter for University of Kentucky. Curiosity got her into cross fit. At that time, she didn't know what it was. She was hooked after trying it and been involved in the sport ever since. Not to mention successful at it. Jenn competed on teams professionally and as an individual at the CrossFit Games.

Neal Maddox

We can call Neal Maddox a legend being retired and all. Hist first pro-comp was back in 2009. His athletic spurt began with a full football legacy in college. The San Jose, Calif., native made 4th in Regional events, 2nd for NorCal Regionals and 6th place during the Open. The triple-time Games contender is seen as among the best worldwide. Even though his career now rests on a mantle.

Kara Paris Halliwell

This tough girl also lives a tough life. Training is fierce, the goals are high and the focus is ongoing. Her regiment consists of training twice a day and five days weekly. The same discipline moved Kara Halliwell from rookie competition to the CrossFit Regional's pedal stool as an athlete. Kara's nutrition is just as disciplined as her daily routine.

Jason Statham

We know the actor, but few know about the cross fit enthusiast. Or that most movies he starred in resulted in him using cross fit to prepare. Jason is a true athlete at heart. It was him who said, "Get serious. Do 40 hard minutes, and not an hour and a half of nonsense." We put him on this list to give homage to those unexpected characters drawn to the world of cross fit. You'll find another in a minute.

Miranda Oldroyd

ESPN did a piece on Miranda Oldroyd as her being among the most influential women in cross fit. The 33-year-old spends much of her time creating awareness about the sport. This consists of traveling, offering certification courses and expanding her popularity. For Miranda, the passion of cross fit pushed her to gain new meaning in life and saved her from who she was before transforming.

Mat Fraser

Mat did some impressive weightlifting training before getting a grip on cross fit. Maybe it got a grip on him. He did weights strictly for almost 10 years. Then got into the competitive drive of cross fit by mistake. His retirement from weightlifting led him, by the hands of local gym members, to try out quick, intense routines instead. A match in heaven was made.

Channing Tatum

Here's another famed star with a knack for a pumped-up, short session of cross fit. Channing Tatum's role in the movie, "The Eagle" took his athletic physique he built in high school to another level. For those of you who don't know, this movie resembles the tough soldiers you find in movies like "300." Tatum prepared for the role and with nothing else but cross fit exercises to boot.

Jason Khalipa

Jason Khalipa is a monster of a guy. Stack, ripped and wide. Khalipa won first place at the CrossFit Games with only two years of experience under his belt. He's from North Carolina and is one badass. One of his best credentials rest within the deadlift. It offers his career the running stats of 2nd to 5th place. He's only 30 and often teams with other American cross-fitters during competition.


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