September 04, 2015

Arnold arms for the urban athlete

It’s too late to change the title of this post. I realize women and all human beings need arms. Thought I would state the obvious before all the reddit haters started to comment on the title. What I meant was, do you know the sexiest muscle a man has? Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s your arms… and this is actually good news. We all love training arms, and some of us only train our arms, which I definitely do not recommend. It makes you look extremely unbalanced and weird (see example HERE). Let’s all just be glad it’s not legs, we all hate training legs. Even the guy who posts #Ilovelegday or #thankgoditslegday, you too, hate leg day. I digress, this post is not about how much we all pretend to love leg day. 

Strongbody loves leg day 

Let’s start off with the basics. What muscle groups within your arms do you need to train? You have your Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, and I would even include your front, medial and rear Deltoids for the complete package. Now, when it comes to training your arms, you will find a million different programs online and in magazines, so which one should you use? If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend starting with the basics and if possible I would hire a personal trainer. The basics include bicep curls, tricep extensions, reverse bicep curls for your forearms, and rear, lateral, and front dumbbell raises for your shoulder head. If your intermediate to advanced you can workout each muscle group separately; biceps one day and triceps the next etc. You will also want to look into more advanced exercises, and ply around with tempo. An example of this could be skull crushers for your triceps, one second up, 3 seconds down and a 2 second hold. Further information on how to build up and define your arms can be found HERE.

Now do not only have arms, but you have managed to grow, sculpt and define them and you look like a sexy beast. It’s now time to put those sick puppies to work, and use them to your advantage and draw some positive attention to yourself. Lets do a wardrobe check. Do your shirts complement your arms? Do they cut in nicely and bring out the best attributes? You need to ensure you have all the basics covered, a wife beater is always a classic. And just incase your confused please note this is a type of shirt, AKA the beater. You should also have a simple sleeveless tank, I will of course recommend the Strongbody Essential Tank. So go on, get building those guns. 

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